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Our extensive collection can create or enhance any garden theme or style.

POTTED UP offers an extensive collection of containers of varying sizes, styles, and materials. Many of our outdoor containers are constructed specifically from state-of-the-art lightweight materials that are perfect for use in any urban setting.

Our selection of containers not only solves gardening challenges for the urban gardener, but also creates or enhances a garden theme or style. View our online container gallery.

Your Urban Gardening Challenge
POTTED UP's Solution
Load-Constrained Outdoor Space
Your roof deck, balcony or terrace may not support heavy multiple containers.
We offer an extensive selection of containers, many of which are made from state-of-the-art lightweight materials.
Windy Conditions
Many of our containers are constructed of non-porous materials that protect the plant's roots from drying out.
Sub-Freezing Conditions
Our containers are designed to withstand sub-freezing temperatures. This protects the plant and gives you the flexibility to leave the containers outside year-round.
Many of our containers offer drainage systems to manage and direct overflow water away from common areas, or neighboring balconies or rooftops.
Visit us today and see our complete collection
We offer an extensive collection of containers available through our specially selected suppliers. Please visit our showroom to see our complete selection of containers.

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